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Caribou Coffee is well known today for its specialty coffees and espresso. It's the second largest chain in the United States, behind Starbucks. Caribou sells many items in their coffeehouses, including not only gourmet coffees, but also varieties of tea, and baked goods. Caribou Coffee coupons make this coffee a great deal to bring home.

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Kayla James
These espressos are to die for. I love that I can save money on my favorite coffee.
Brady Wellington
This is a great place to stop for breakfast with my wife before work. Coffee, tea, oatmeal. Now you even get good prices.

Caribou Coffee from the idea stage began in 1990, when two newlyweds thought of the idea, as they were traveling in Alaska's Denali National Park. They opened the first shop in Edina, a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1992. They had a few up and down years, and then decided to sell off their controlling company interest to Crescent Capital, based in Atlanta. Free coupons such as our Folger coffee coupons are available in papers and online, to make this coffee more affordable for your family and guests.

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The chain of Caribou Coffee stores has steadily expanded, and now numbers 416. Some of its coffeehouses are not franchised; they are company-owned, and the company has kept its coffee-roasting facility and corporate headquarters near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Caribou Coffee coupons from will let your family enjoy this great coffee more often.

Caribou Coffee prides itself on its coffees, espressos, teas, handcrafted oatmeal and baked goods. You can also find accessories and clothing with the Caribou brand online, and at some stores. In addition, the company allows third-parties to used their brand on merchandise and foods. Printable coupons make it easier to add this coffee to your drink list at home.

You can find many espresso drinks from Caribou Coffee, including mochas, cappuccinos and lattes. They have both regular and white chocolate cocoa, and their cold drinks are known as Coolers, These are blended coffee containing exceptional flavors, like espresso, chocolate, caramel and vanilla. You can also purchase Northern Lite Coolers, which are a version with fewer calories. Caribou Coffee coupons give you an opportunity to try Northern Lite Coolers for yourself.

Caribou Coffee also sells fruit smoothies, in great flavors like passion fruit green tea, pom-a-mango, wild berry and strawberry-banana. Snowdrifts are popular non-coffee drinks at Caribou, too. These come in the flavors of cookies & cream and mint. Free coupons and other printable coupons from put these drinks in your price range, in flavors you'll love. This is the premier site for coffee coupons online.

Caribou started selling baked goods in 2005. These include cookies, scones, muffins and bagels. You can also find salads and sandwiches at some locations. You might like to try Wild Drinks, which are a fancy version of a flavored latte, with toppings and whipped cream. You can choose from tea latte, berry white mocha, campfire mocha, hot apple blast, mint condition, turtle mocha and caramel high rise.

Caribou Coffee introduced a newer line of chocolate drinks in 2009, featuring all-natural chocolate. You can select dark, white or milk chocolate in your drink. The pieces of chocolate are steamed into their milk, rather than using chocolate syrup. Northern Lite coolers use the same type of chocolate, finely ground. These chocolates are especially made to melt into the coffee to give it the best taste.

Caribou brands beat out 41 other Kona and Columbian coffees in taste tests done in 2004 for Consumer Reports. In the test, Eight O'Clock coffee and Dunkin Donuts coffee placed 2nd and 3rd, beating out coffees from Seattle's Best and Starbucks. Caribou Coffee also has a partnership with the Rainforest Alliance. Through this partnership, Caribou will only offer coffees from certified Rainforest Alliance beans. Buy one of the best coffees around, and use printable Caribou coffee coupons like our Gevalia coffee coupons to make them fit into your food budget more easily.