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Starbucks is the best known seller of coffee in the United States. And it's more than the coffee that has put them there. Sure, the coffee is very well-liked, but it's also the customer appreciation of the baristas, and their remembering of customer preferences. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the aroma is great, the taste of the coffee is better, the surroundings are comfortable and you may run into a neighbor or friend and strike up a friendly chat. Starbucks coffee coupons give you money off this great coffee.

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Common name is coffe. You say Starbucks, I say savings.
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You can save on a huge variety of coffee with Starbucks coupons. Easy to find, to print, and to use.

Starbucks has a following that can almost be called cult-like, and they serve 25 million drinks each week at almost 7000 locations around the world. Starbucks was also in the top ten of Fortune's recent “Most Admired American Companies” list. Free Starbucks coffee coupons from will put Starbucks on your own best taste list.

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Starbucks started with one store in 1971, and their employee policy was the same as it is now, giving baristas-to-be a full 24 hours of training before they serve and greet customers. Employees also get full health care, even those who only work part-time, as long as they work 240 hours or more per quarter. Employees also share in the growth of the company through what is known as “bean stock”, which are stock options, and a stock-investment plan where they can buy stock at a discount. Online Starbucks coffee coupons will let you buy coffee at a discount.

The employees of Starbucks have an astounding 82 percent satisfaction on the job. Most employees at other companies show only a fifty percent satisfaction rate. Their turnover is said to be lower than most businesses that have a great deal of part-time help, although the exact statistics aren't known. Printable coupons from give you a discount on your next visit to these happy baristas. The coupons may even make this coffee as well as Seattle Drip Coffee Coupons less expensive than other coffee brands.

One Starbucks employee grew up in a coffee growing area of Kenya, and came to the United States to go to college. He smelled the aroma of a Starbucks and that lured him inside. He spoke with the barista, who impressed him with her knowledge. He applied for employment at Starbucks and worked there for four years before he was promoted to a position of coffee taster at Starbucks HQ. He took some of his Bean Stock options to build his mother a house in her village in Kenya. Starbucks coffee coupons will let you put some money aside for worthwhile causes too, by lowering your coffee costs.

Good feelings aren't hard to maintain in small companies, but for a company the size of Starbucks, it is phenomenal. They believe in staying small while they grow, meaning that they use their mission statement to guide their decision-making. Take advantage of their mission by saving money on coffee with free coupons.

Starbucks also provides an excellent work environment and treats their employees respectfully, which is their first mission statement. The list of missions also includes excellence in purchasing, and delivering coffee, commitment to diversity, contributing to the environment and communities, and maintaining their profitability.Online Starbucks coffee coupons will make your next coffee stop cheaper. But you will never find Starbucks selling Chock Full O’Nuts Coffee Coupons.

Starbucks calls its employees partners, and encourages them to keep their minds on the mission statement, to monitor decisions by management, and to submit questions and comments if something seems to contradict the mission. Printable coupons may have been an original query, too. The employees do submit roughly two hundred queries in a given month, and each one is responded to. One such request resulted in Starbucks extending their military reserve policy, that protects the jobs, health care and salaries of any employees who were called to action after 9/11 and during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.